Escape with author Lottie Cardew to the enchanting community centred around the village of Pebblestow.

Book cover of A Christmas Wish on a CarouselPink cover of One Last Dream for December by Lottie Cardew features a window with a redheaded woman sitting reading a book. There is a vintage lampost under the window with a pink umbrella dangling from it.Cover of Midsummer Magic at Midwynter Hall

The first three books are available now, with more to follow.

While each book has different main characters and its own complete story arc, and can be enjoyed without having read any of the others, if you plan to follow the entire series you may wish to read them chronologically. However, Midsummer Magic at Midwynter Hall is even more of a standalone, so you could start there, if you don't want to begin with a Christmas book.

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