About Lottie

Close-up portrait of author Lottie Cardew wearing glasses and a bright pink beret.
Lottie Cardew writes UK romcoms with little flourishes of magic, tugging at the heartstrings but brimming with love and hope. She is an advocate of neurodiversity in fiction.

Regarded as the bossy one at Novelistas Ink, Lottie often subdues the other members if they misbehave (they don't really) including the popular authors Trisha Ashley and Sophie Claire. She is a longstanding member of the Romantic Novelists' Association - scooping their New Writer's Award in her twenties under a different pen-name - and Facebook admin for the RNA's DISCO Chapter (Disability, Chronic conditions and Other). Lottie is also an active participant in the Society of Authors' ADCI group (Authors with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses) and in 2021 interviewed bestselling author Holly Smale for the first ever Disability Issue of The Bookseller. 

Lottie is diagnosed autistic with suspected ADHD. Her home in North Wales is overrun by husband, not-very-small children, and a ball of fluff masquerading as a Pomeranian, so Lottie frequently takes refuge at her desk.

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